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01 May, 2020

Best Link shorteners and the way to settle on the proper one

Best Link shorteners and the way to settle on the proper one

The features and pricing of a number of the simplest LINK  shorteners

The best Link shorteners out there have a variety of various features – the question is, which one is true for you? What features does one need and which really don’t matter?

There is no shortage of companies offering Link shorteners lately, but all of them have a rather different angle, plan, or feature set.

If you’re trying to find some shortcuts, jump straight to:




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6. TinyLINK,,,,,

Your business’ needs are undoubtedly unique, so you would like to know the features and find out how to select the simplest fit from the simplest link shorteners out there.

How Link shorteners Work

LINK  Shortening is simultaneously very simple and really complex.

There are dozens of websites,,,, ,  plugins, and open-source that allow you to shorten a link or use a redirect to maneuver users and traffic from one web address to a specialist.

But that's not what Link shorteners are about…

Also, despite the word “shortener” being within the name, Link shorteners are not any longer necessarily about keeping links extremely short on character length.


The most famous reason for shrinking links was, of course,,,,, , who now treats all links as 6 to 10 regardless of actual length.

So what then may be a LINK  shortener all about?

Modern Link shorteners are focused on a couple of things:

Link tracking and analytics

Embedding UTM parameters employing a LINK  Builder

Link retargeting

Link branding

And other factors that are still vital for all Link shorteners include reliability, speed, and uptime.

This is one among the most reasons i like to recommend not using your own domain and hosting for your LINK  shortener. You would like your links to be up 100% of the time and redirected as fast as possible.

Use the technology that companies like Rebrand are offering you for free of charge , instead of counting on your own.

Side note: most of the people don’t know this, but most Link shorteners are literally focused on serving heavy traffic sites, and not every day internet users.

How we rated the simplest LINK  shorteners

We rated each LINK  shortener supported what we thought would be the foremost important consideration factors for users:

Features – understanding what they provide you, especially what they provide for free of charge.

Price – what you would possibly need to pay, what paid offerings do they need, and the way do they compare with other LINK  shorteners.

User base – what percentage customers do they need and the way stable are they as a corporation .,,,,, Ease of use, flow and good design.

Quality of education – How are they doing when it involves teaching their audience about their tools?

Link branding – How easy do they create it customize to your domain and make branded short links? And are they “drinking their own Kool-aid” when it involves sharing on social media?


How to choose the proper LINK  shortener for you

For you personally, you would like to form a choice supported what percentage links and the way much traffic you propose to get using the LINK  shortener, the dimensions of your budget, the dimensions of your team, and therefore the purpose you're using the LINK  shortener for. Is it for social media? Or online advertising? Affiliate marketing? Personal branding? The list goes on…

For most people, a free LINK  shortener is all they have .

If you're only using it to share a couple of links on your personal social channels, or are running alittle local business, then you'll never actually need a paid version.

But if you’re a medium to large business, or your entire company revolves around digital marketing and inbound traffic generation, then you'll probably be trying to find some kind of paid solution at some point.

How many links and clicks are you generating?

If you're under 2,500 link clicks, and only need 500 or fewer links created a month, you'll rest assured that you simply shouldn't be paying for your LINK  shortening services.

What are the dimensions of your budget?

Are you ready for enormous traffic and willing to pay to trace it? Then you'll afford a number of the upper tiered offerings from, https://link,,, https://freetlink,Rebrandly, ClickMeter, et al.


Are you continue to within the early stages of your startup and only have one member on your marketing team? Then you almost certainly should be employing a fairly cheap, or free, solution until you create it big.


What are the dimensions of your team?

Some Link shorteners make team management a bit of cake, while others force you to share an account.

If you’re getting to be using this tool across a team of 10 digital marketers, advertisers, content managers, and social media managers, you're only getting to find a couple of suitable solutions.

But if it’s mostly just you, then you don’t need the fancier products.


Why are you using the LINK shortener?


Some of these Link shorteners are structured simply to assist embed UTM parameters and permit you to raised track links in Google Analytics (we do that also, by the way), while others are focused on helping you monetize your links by inserting interstitial ads.

And if you’re using your LINK  shortener for social media management, you'll definitely want to use one that features a web extension, the power to simply brand and adjust your links, and tons of integrations with marketing tools.

link shorteners or branded links?

We’ve been talking tons about link shorteners, but what if on top of just shortening your link, you'll also feature your brand’s name on it? A branded link, also referred to as an arrogance LINK  or a custom short link, is just the short version of the LINK  you’re sharing online that’s built around your own brand instead of the brand of the shortening tool you’re using. for instance ,, https://link,,, https://freetlink,, ‘shor.tly/dq2st ‘


Branded links (, https://link,,, https://freetlink,have reinvented the way we create and share links both on and offline, turning every link into a promotion for your brand. Once you share links together with your name, you’re associating your company with content it shares, building brand awareness, increasing trust amongst your audience and increasing brand recognition.


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6. TinyLINK,



by Amish Arbaz